All our patent attorneys have high level technical skills, knowledge and experience, within their own scientific or engineering disciplines. Together, they cover all areas of technology and form one large resource of expert technical and legal capability. We can advise our clients comprehensively and efficiently in all technical areas – whether engineering, electronics, IT, biotech, life sciences or chemistry. Increasingly, inventions are multi-disciplinary and our patent attorneys are efficient in working together in small teams, in order to handle such inventions optimally.

However, our clients need much more than technical and legal expertise from us. Our patent attorneys have the commercial skills necessary to understand our clients’ businesses; and strong communication skills – the ability to listen, analyse, explain and persuade.

Our patent attorneys are experts in securing patents for our clients but also work with our clients in many other ways, where patent attorney skills are paramount.

Identification and protection

  • Identifying your patent requirements and providing the right team of attorneys
  • Working with you to identify your patentable inventions effectively
  • Preparing high quality applications – a cornerstone activity
  • Creating and implementing national/global filing strategies
  • Prosecuting and maintaining patent rights throughout their lifecycle.

Competitor and strategic issues

  • Conducting infringement clearance studies to safeguard your new product launches
  • Advising on the validity of competitor patents
  • Carrying out competitor studies and patent landscape reviews
  • Transacting patents by negotiating sales and purchases, and licences in and out
  • Developing patent strategies which maximise your financial benefit.

Disputes, oppositions and appeals

  • Conducting opposition or limitation proceedings at the European Patent Office
  • Obtaining Opinions at the UK Intellectual Property Office
  • Defending our clients’ patents, challenging invalid competitor patents
  • Managing disputes, including oppositions and appeals, and IP litigation in general
  • Negotiating settlement agreements when this is the best course for our clients.
Wednesday 25 September

In 1962, the Royal College of Physicians first recommended stricter laws on the sale and advertising of tobacco products.

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Wednesday 25 September

Gin is big business, worth over £600m in the UK as reported by the Wine and Spirts Trade Association.

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Our people

Our highly dedicated and experienced team of attorneys combine a broad range of legal and technical expertise with real-world commercial insight.

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