Spyras secure a grant from the Growth Fund

Monday 9 September 2019

Using sensors to monitor breathing and predict abnormal respiratory rates, Spyras, a London-based start-up, have invented a way to detect patient deterioration (particularly those developing sepsis) early.

Currently, breathing rates are measured manually by hospital staff during their observation rounds. Spyras’ technology would enable medical staff to see trends that may not be immediately apparent from manual observations, which could enable them to take action earlier and improve patient health.

George Winfield, CEO and Founder of Spyras, won the London Mayor’s Entrepreneurial Award for Technology at a ceremony in London’s City Hall earlier this year, and last year won the White City Innovators’ Programme, which is delivered by Imperial College London and NatWest. George started the company while he was studying for a Masters at Imperial College London.

Working closely with associate Parminder Lally, Spyras is now working with Appleyard Lees to secure patents for their breath monitoring and prediction algorithms and is holding discussions with a number of international brands and manufacturers to start product trials.

George Winfield of Spyras said: “We are delighted to have been selected for the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund grant, which has provided Spyras the foundations to formalise our intellectual property portfolio. Parminder and the team at Appleyard Lees have provided their expertise, networks and advice throughout the process and have made Spyras very inclusive during our time working together. We look forward to continuing and developing our relationship and look forward to where it can lead to.

Speaking on the relationship with Spyras, Parminder said: It is exciting to be working with Spyras at such an early stage, especially as George is so enthusiastic and has lots of great ideas he wants to test and build.  I’m glad we’re able to help the business protect their innovation so they are in a better position from which they can negotiate with potential commercial partners. The Appleyard Lees Growth Fund allows us to help companies like Spyras at these crucial early stages, and in return we hopefully get to help the business to grow and develop, and build strong, long term relationships”.

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