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Damages in trade mark infringement claims

Friday 18 August 2017

Understanding the value of a brand used to be a dark art. But the adoption of international standards now allows the market value of intellectual property to be assessed to a legal standard.

By applying accounting principles to a legal context, it is possible to place a financial figure on the contribution a trade mark, patent, design or copyright portfolio makes to the bottom line. This naturally allows a business to plan strategically how to exploit its investment.

Will the potential be realised more quickly through a sale or licensing arrangement? Or are better returns offered through the pursuit of tactical litigation which closes off entry to competitors?

All of these issues should be considered in the round. Our teams of technical experts and strategic lawyers will work with you to assess the value of your IP. Our commercial insight and market knowledge can identify how it can be improved and how it can be used to generate income.

Damages in trade mark infringement claims

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