AL: Events

Tuesday 26 February

We are delighted to sponsor the inaugural Business Innovation and Growth conference at the Institute of Physics in London!

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Thursday 14 February

Chris Hoole has been invited to attend the European Communities Trade Mark Association round table meeting in Alicante, Spain.

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Wednesday 13 February

Bionow Oncology Conference

Kate Hickinson, James Myatt and Richard Maclennan will attend the Bionow 2019 Oncology Conference.

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Tuesday 5 February

LSX World Congress

Barbara Fleck will be attending the 5th annual LSX World Congress in London.

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Thursday 17 January

Allies, advocates, and supporters in IP

Barbara Fleck, David Clark, Julia Gwilt, Meg Booth and Martyna Polenska will be attending the IP Inclusive event in London.

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