NPD and Innovation in the Chemical Industry Summit

InterContinental Hotel, Berlin

Hosted by ENG Events, the 9th Annual NPD and Innovation in the Chemical Industry Summit will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin.

As part of ENG’s Innovation Cycle, the summit brings together leading experts in R&D and Innovation in the chemical industry to share their experiences and knowledge on the following key topics:

  • ​Reinventing business models by moving beyond traditional product development to co-creation and partnership approach
  • Digitalization and its impact on operations, internal processes and product innovation
  • Efficient innovation project management and ideation methods to boost innovative thinking
  • Growth through partnerships: Maximizing success by partnering with innovative start-ups
  • Interactive panel discussion on reinventing the stage gate process to optimize and accelerate innovation
  • Sustainability opportunities: Becoming a key player in the circular economy
  • Maximizing ROI with the modern, value based portfolio management
  • Practical approaches and specific innovation trends in nanotechnology, CO2, food and plastics industry.

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Event Information

DATE Wednesday 15 May
LOCATION InterContinental Hotel, Berlin

Appleyard Lees Attendees

Kate Hickinson

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