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Patenting artificial intelligence can be both legally and technically complex. As patentability of AI is globally inconsistent, it is vital to understand jurisdictional differences. Technical challenges may arise from the underlying algorithms and mathematics themselves, or the specifics of the use-cases and domains to which they are applied.

Our AI specialists can help you navigate this complicated landscape when looking to protect AI and Machine Learning inventions.

14 May 2021

Is it worth patenting your AI tools for drug discovery?

About the author Parminder Lally is a senior associate at Appleyard Lees IP LLP. Parminder specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for computer-implemented inventions. She has built a substantial

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22 January 2021

The Netflix Intellectual Property Story

We can all agree that 2020 was a challenging year, and much of the difficulties remain in 2021. In the UK, we observed a rapid shift among consumers from shopping

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13 November 2020

AI-driven trade mark service to make filing faster

Many start-up companies are developing artificial intelligence (AI) innovations, from AI-driven drug discovery to AI-based fruit harvesting.  Many of these companies protect their AI inventions by filing patent applications, but

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13 October 2020

The wheels continue to come off DABUS

The Artificial Inventor Project have filed patent applications around the world for two inventions, which they say are invented by an AI system called DABUS.  Whilst the nuances of patent

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15 July 2020

Are digital twins as patentable as their physical counterparts?

We live in an increasingly digital world – not only do more of us communicate with each other and access information or content using ‘apps’ and the internet, but some

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AI Events

22 June 2021

AI: Decoding IP

Andrew McKinlay will attend the ‘AI: Decoding IP’ conference in London.

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28 September 2021

CWIC 2020: At the Edge

Appleyard Lees is proud to be involved in this year’s CW Technology and Innovations Awards.

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