A warning shot for abused labels

Tuesday 22 October 2013

On 18th October 2013, the body that governs the system for introducing the new generic top level domain names (ICANN) introduced an additional measure with a view to assisting brand owners whose trade marks are constantly targeted by cyber-squatters and domain name opportunists.

Owners of trade marks that have a history of being abusively used or registered in the domain names space, can record their targeted marks with the Trade Mark Clearinghouse together with details any successful action that they have taken against others.  Where a new domain name matches a mark recorded with the Clearinghouse, Applicants will be sent details of the earlier mark and the successful cases that the trade mark owner has logged.  This is in addition to the standard notification for marks recorded with the Clearinghouse i.e. where the Applicant is notified of a match with a recorded mark and if they continue with the domain name registration, a notification will be sent to the trade mark owner to advise that the domain name as been registered.

It is hoped that this new facility will help to deter domain name Applicants from proceeding with applications for domain names that include famous names, easing the extra burden that will no doubt be upon the owners of famous brands when the new gtlds open in the new few months' time.

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