Appleyard Lees

Samsung successfully assert printer patents defended by Appleyard Lees

News has recently broken that Samsung Electronics successfully concluded infringement actions against resellers of replacement printer cartridges in both the Netherlands and Germany.  The basis of these actions included European patents EP 2 357 537 and EP 1 975 744, both of which were successfully defended during EPO opposition proceedings by Dick Waddington, assisted by his colleague Andrew McKinlay.  Dick commented:

These patents relate to advantageous new developments in toner cartridges, which allow the cartridges to be more compact and avoid printing errors.  We know Samsung Electronics invests heavily in developing new printing technology, and takes infringement of its rights very seriously.  We are therefore very pleased that we were able to help Samsung defend these key patents. 

We put a lot of important work into providing the most robust defence possible, including the formulation of new amendments on the day of the hearing for EP 1 975 744, in order to overcome new objections from the EPO, whilst being challenged by two different opponents.  Our extensive experience in examination, opposition and appeal proceedings at the EPO gives us the ability to navigate these complex cases and deal efficiently with any unexpected issues, so that we can obtain the best possible patent protection for our clients.

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