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Branding Blocks

No more sleepless nights for brand creators

Finding a functional trade mark for your client that has not already been taken can be difficult. How do you do that and set your business apart from your competitors?

Our Branding Blocks service helps creative agencies. We work with you to identify the strategy which will give new brands the best start in life.

Incorporate Branding Blocks into your design process to present your clients with a trade mark that has been professionally cleared and ready to launch.


Our expert trade mark attorneys will work with you and your client in the early stages when you may have a dozen names in mind. Our guidance can prevent false starts and dead ends to ensure you only pursue a strong and legally watertight brand.


Brand agencies are most at risk of legal claims for creating brands that land their clients in court for trade mark infringement. Avoid the backlash in presenting a client with a high risk brand. Quick checks at an early stage by our search experts can ensure that the path is clear and you do not have to worry.


After your job is done and the finished product is handed over to the care of your client, they can still benefit from Branding Blocks with our registration services, preserving the freedom of the brand and granting your client exploitable rights.


We provide a Branding Blocks aftercare service direct to your client to preserve the value of its brand for the future. This includes protection, management, licensing and enforcement.

Branding Blocks takes care of the legal details so you can get on with what you do best. Whether you need help with all sections or just some of them, our Branding Blocks service is designed to fit in where you and your clients need it.

If you would like to find out more, please contact your usual Appleyard Lees attorney.