Appleyard Lees

Trade Marks

A trade mark sits at the heart of a successful brand. It carries your unique message to the market and becomes a badge of quality. Like a diamond, it can last forever.

At Appleyard Lees, we work with industry-leading business at all stages of a brand’s lifecyle. Our strategic planning ensure we can maximise the value of your investment in IP.


During the initial phase of a brand’s life, we work with you to identify a trade mark which does not conflict with third parties’ rights. By conducting specialist clearance searches and drawing on our vast experience we analyse the level of risk from a registration and infringement perspective so you can make the important commercial decision over whether to launch!


As your brand and reputation grows, you may explore new product lines or geographical markets. We are with you every step of the way and our international experience means we can guide you around the common pitfalls found with overseas protection and expansion.


Once your rights are firmly established, they can be licensed, mortgaged or sold. This allows their value, and your investment, to be realised.

David MoyPartner