Appleyard Lees


“Beauty is only skin deep”
Sir Thomas Overbury, 1613

It may be an old proverb, but ask anyone in retail: Packaging sells.

Packaging is all around us and is often taken for granted but as any packaging professional knows, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Sometimes it is necessary to look beyond what can be seen at point of sale to understand what lies beneath. There is relevant technology sometimes dating back more than a hundred years, but there is still plenty of innovation in this sector, whether it is T-flute, in-line, bag in box or carton board. There is plenty going on in the packaging field that we have experience with.

The technical differences that lead to patents in this sector often look trivial at first sight but we have attorneys that want to listen to you explain your innovation, so that we can convey its subtleties in patent applications so that we can help you obtain the best protection.

The reality is that for most packaging inventions, reverse engineering is trivial. To protect innovation and investment in R&D, protection is needed, whether this is in the form of patents or registered designs. Unregistered designs or copyright can sometimes do the job too. We will work with you to help you achieve the protection you deserve.