Appleyard Lees

Medical Devices

Medical device technology is an important business growth area. Obtaining and using strong IP in this sector to promote innovation ensures a steady stream of new and improved medical devices that help to improve healthcare across the world. Patent activity in this sector is therefore important not just for companies who are active in the area, but also vital for the general wellbeing of the healthcare system. Likewise, avoiding trouble in the increasingly crowded patent landscape is critical to avoid costly disputes after lengthy research, testing and regulatory approval periods.

Appleyard Lees is experienced in drafting and prosecuting medical device patents in fields ranging from bandages, syringes and catheters to implants and endoscopes. We also work in the area of therapeutics and diagnostics, and have particular expertise with disability living aids. Our attorneys are able to achieve the necessary breadth of technical expertise and are used to advising with an international outlook, taking into account the different rules and requirements for protecting medical device innovation around the world.

Registered designs can be very important in this field and we are able to consider all possible forms of protection for your business.

In order to protect your investment in R&D, testing and regulatory approval, we can help you consider what forms of IP protection will work for you.

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