Appleyard Lees


Our hunger for energy has never been greater. Fuel for your car, electricity or gas for your home, a battery for your mobile phone. New devices and gadgets demand more energy. As a result, there is now a vast amount of research and development going into seeking out new sources of energy, and making traditional sources more effective.

We have helped clients secure protection for innovations resulting from such research and development, and for innovations right across this field. Examples range from securing protection for enhanced oil recovery technology and fuel additives that improve fuel efficiency, all the way through to securing protection for hydroelectric and wind-based power systems.

Patent Offices have now acknowledged their important role in assisting applicants in rapidly obtaining patent protection for their innovations in this field. Take for instance the UK Intellectual Property Office’s ‘Green Channel’, or the US Patent and Trade Mark Office’s ‘Green Technology Pilot Program’, both of which can, under certain circumstances, be taken advantage of to accelerate the progression of a patent application.