Appleyard Lees

Consumer Products

An innovation does not always have to be particularly complex or high-tech in order to qualify for patent protection. We are not always dealing with ion engines and quantum computers. A pen. A football boot. A vacuum cleaner. A light bulb. A food blender. Patent protection for these sorts of consumer products has been invaluable for the companies involved.

In this field, we have helped clients secure patent protection for inventions ranging from tin openers to washing machines, from furniture to refrigerators. We know how to explain and highlight the clever features of your invention, however simple those features might appear, and in ways that are more likely to convince Patent Office examiners of the merits of your invention.
A simple yet creative step might be all that you need to secure patent protection. Think of Sir James Dyson and the bagless vacuum cleaner, or Thomas Edison and the light bulb. Without the patent system, what would they have achieved? Who would know their names?