Appleyard Lees

Engineering & Physics

There is no doubt that securing Intellectual Property Rights for engineering and physics inventions requires patent attorneys with special knowledge, and at Appleyard Lees we have a team of attorneys with a wide range of expertise, education and experience in both.

This side of our business continues to grow as we add to our list of multinational clients as well as start-up companies and well established medium sized companies who have begun to appreciate the benefits of patent protection.

All of our attorneys have at least a first degree in a relevant technical area, of course, but many also have a second degree as well as their legal training. We cannot hope to have had experience in every single possible technical field, but our background and nature is such that we are demonstrably keen, eager and able to absorb and understand the technology area in which you work. In the same way that people who make advances in physics and engineering do not think in the categories that their biographers invent for them, neither do we feel limited to only operate in the very specific areas in which we were educated or have worked previously. We would be delighted to learn more about you, your firm, and see how we can help you get the full benefit of your inventive creations.

Matthew BennettTrainee Patent Attorney