Appleyard Lees


Optics is as fundamental as looking at the world around us, but with modern optics we can see things in a whole different light. Emitters, storage media and sensors that make use of the properties of light are ubiquitous, and improvements in these areas continue with higher resolution and lower losses.

At Appleyard Lees, we have experience in a range of optical technologies, including drafting and prosecuting patent applications on optical systems for media recording/reproducing devices, optical waveguides, lenses, photographic and video cameras, optoelectronic devices, optical communication and data transmission networks, 3D displays and ophthalmological equipment. Understanding the different ways that researchers in these different fields describe the same underlying physical phenomena is key to producing patents which can make it through the patent examination process, and be readily understood by those who might want to compete with the patented invention. From geometrical optics to photonics and quantum optics we have the team to get to grips with your invention.

In this sector there are good examples of the value of patents. Consider the amount paid for the Nortel portfolio, which included a significant number of optics patents. In contrast to Nortel’s large bundle of patents, a handful of fundamental patents at the heart of solid state lighting technology proved extremely lucrative for those at the forefront of that field as it emerged. We want to help you to see similar clear daylight between you and the competition.