Appleyard Lees

Defence systems

Defence systems are often at the forefront of technological development and, aside from the technical challenges involved in understanding the invention and explaining it clearly in a patent application, they bring with them a host of other legal and practical challenges.

We have a team of experts, skilled in a variety of different defence fields, ranging from Radar systems to optics, and aeronautics to marine systems. Developments in this field often span several technical disciplines and we have a range of attorneys who are used to working together to ensure the best protection for your invention. Besides being able to handle the complex and diverse scientific and engineering issues associated with such systems, we are also well versed in the security procedures associated with such work, including the National Security provisions of the UK Patents Act, which impose certain restrictions on the handling of sensitive inventions. Not all firms are able to deal with such subject matter, but we have a proven track record in this area.