Appleyard Lees

Communications and Networking

We all take for granted the Internet, mobile phones, tablet computers and wi-fi enabled devices that are a part of our everyday lives. Patents in this area have been fundamental in providing a co-operative framework, allowing competing organisations to properly define their contributions and enabling devices from competing manufacturers to work properly together. We have helped our clients stake their claim in this highly competitive area. Even if your invention does not need to operate within such a framework, securing patent protection can keep your competitors at bay, open the door to licence income or, in the UK at least, unlock potential tax savings though Patent Box.

Our team of experts are skilled in fixed and mobile network technologies and can quickly get to grips with your technology, whether it involves digital coding and encryption, RF components, signalling protocols or equipment designs.

Recent litigation in the so-called smartphone wars shows that this key area of technology is of vital commercial importance. With Appleyard Lees, you can be sure that you will get the best technical and legal advice so that you are well-placed to profit from your innovation.