Appleyard Lees

Oil and gas fuels

Much of the world’s easily accessible crude oil and gas reserves have already been exploited, yet demand for energy and fuel increases every year. The resultant rise in crude oil and gas prices has made less conventional sources of fossil fuels economically viable and has driven investment in the technologies which enable extraction from these sources. Techniques such as fracking to extract natural gas deposits from shale, and extended oil recovery from partially depleted oilfields require specialised chemicals which are the result of extensive research. We have helped our clients gain protection for valuable innovations in these fields. Appleyard Lees attorneys also have expertise in many other aspects of the detection, extraction, storage and processing of crude oil and gas.

The rising cost of fossil fuels and environmental damage caused by their use has focused attention on fossil fuel alternatives and on ways of using fuels more efficiently, whilst reducing pollution. We have secured numerous patents around the world for our clients’ chemical innovations relating to fuels and fuel additives. Examples include processes for manufacturing biofuels, improved synthetic fuels, fuel compositions which improve engine efficiency, reduce engine wear and reduce the production of pollutants, and additives which allow biofuels to be used in regular engines without modification.

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