Appleyard Lees

Materials and polymer chemistry coatings

Materials, polymers and coatings represent enabling technologies which have a commercial impact across many technical fields. Patents in this area can focus on the chemistry and properties of materials, on additives which boost their performance, on their behaviour in their environment, and on their processing to make end products – and a lot more.

It may seem a ‘bread and butter’ area but there are real trip-wires. Properties such as hardness, water resistance, particle size or molecular weight and modulus can be measured in different ways, and the results may depend on the testing regime and conditions. The properties and the supporting test methods must be defined rigorously if patents are to stand up to challenge. Non-specialists can easily fall short, and write patent applications that will fail when put to the test.

Appleyard Lees has experienced attorneys who are skilled in writing patents which are technically and legally sound, and maximise the commercial value of our clients’ inventions. We also have the tools to challenge competitors’ patents which fall short. Some recent examples of our work are in the diverse fields of graphene, polyacrylate coatings, additives to improve the performance of fuels, thixotropic cosmetic products, dyes and anti-oxidants for polyester – and last but not least, non-melting chocolate.