Appleyard Lees

Handling and packaging chemical products

Whether a product is a high value pharmaceutical, a commodity bulk chemical, a pharmaceutical active or an ordinary household product such as tomato ketchup, there must be effective means to handle, store, transport and present it. Expertise in handling and packaging is required across many sectors. Yet, each sector has in common an exposure to often changing requirements and regulations. Examples include EU regulations on permitted additives in polymer films, or on controlling the release of hazardous dusts by particulate materials.

Innovation is driven by the normal impulses of wanting to improve and to lead the competition but regulatory changes provide a further spur. In this constantly evolving landscape, securing rights to innovations is essential in order to maintain market share and develop growth. A strong patent position linked to an innovation which responds to a difficult regulatory requirement can be immensely valuable.

Appleyard Lees attorneys have worked extensively in this area. For example we have helped our clients protect innovations in packaging tailored for specific products, from chocolate, beverages, pharmaceuticals and low VOC paint compositions, and handling innovative materials such as graphene. We have the experience, and the technical and legal knowledge, to secure your rights as part of a coherent strategy, as well as to challenge those claimed by others, when necessary.