Appleyard Lees

Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals

Protecting innovation has never been more important for your business than it is today. It is difficult to find a successful company that does not effectively support its R & D with patent protection. There is a growing recognition in the wider business community that continuously sharpening your market edge through innovation is essential to improving your profitability and surviving in a competitive world. Indeed in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields the intellectual assets associated with your company products can frequently far outweigh the cost of the raw materials needed to produce them.

At Appleyard Lees we appreciate the importance of innovation to your company and aim to give you the best possible patent protection whether in the UK, Europe or worldwide. Our hugely experienced team of attorneys has specialisms in drafting patent applications covering a broad array of chemical disciplines. Likewise, we have considerable expertise in product clearance against your competitor’s patents and in due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. We frequently advise on licensing issues and collaboration agreements relating to IP.

Our network of foreign attorneys worldwide has also been selected for their expertise in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields. Whether our chemical team are securing your patent rights worldwide, successfully representing you in opposition and appeal proceedings at the European Patent Office or clearing your product for sale, we will always provide you with the high calibre legal and technical expertise your business requires.

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