Appleyard Lees

Mergers & Acquistions

Our specialist team of intellectual property solicitors, trade mark attorneys and patent attorneys are highly experienced from working on large corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, insolvency and restructuring

At one end of the spectrum we work with start-up businesses and academic institutions where ideas are incubated and prepared for market. This requires a unique and delicate approach to manage the competing interests of multiple stakeholders. Fortunately, our long history provides us with a rich experience working with leading universities and large “blue-chips” in formerly nationalised industries.

Protect, Grow, Realise

During a company’s growth phase, we offer transactional guidance on the protection of trade mark, patent and design rights in every country around the world. We also offer real value by advising how brands can continue to grow, in new geographical markets for example. We also assist with the exploitation of the rights, perhaps through licensing agreements. This allows the value of the investment in IP to be realised. Over time, businesses will build a strong portfolio.

Landscaping: placing a value on IP rights

During a potential acquisition we can carry out due diligence “landscaping” to identify not only the target’s position but also those of its competitors. By interpreting the results and placing them in context, we can help you to understand whether the target’s particular industry or field of technology is crowded with similar rights already or whether in fact there is room for growth. This allows you or the client to make a more informed choice as to where to invest resources.

Our team is equipped to assist you at every stage, whether that be a detailed assessment of a business’s IP portfolio, or advice relating to its growth and development.