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How to minimize the risk during Insolvency?

Our IP Insolvency Team can generate reports, deliver advice and help on determining, monitoring and retaining company’s intellectual property. Our focus is on companies that have become insolvent, although the services will also be relevant to new owners of established companies and as part of due diligence and intelligence gathering when considering company acquisition.

Our extensive network of searchers and overseas professionals can advise in their relevant countries. We have in house IP Solicitors  advising on licences and agreements, as well as supporting any IP related legal action. Links to IP Valuation and Insolvency professionals can be provided.

Ownership checks

As IP professionals we understand the idiosyncrasies of ownership provisions in patent, design, trade mark and copyright law, and have contacts around the world to advise on IP registered overseas.

To give a thorough picture, and as part of our searching, we can :

  • Search for all registered rights under company names you provide;
  • Obtain company director names, and check what registered IP subsists their name (as owner or inventor – for example to determine if patents and design rights have been incorrectly assigned);
  • Determine who the inventors named on patents and designs are, and search for other patents and designs they are inventors/creators and/or owners of (for example to determine if IP rights have been incorrectly filed).

Status Checks

We also understand how critical it is to determine both the current status and any upcoming deadline associated with rights.

As part of our checks we can report on :

  1. Status of the IP right (granted, pending, lapsed, withdrawn etc);
  2. Upcoming fees dues, and deadline for paying;
  3. Pending Deadlines (for example response to Examination reports) that must be met, and options for extending deadlines;
  4. If rights have lapsed, options for “getting them back” (for example re-instatement and/or re-filing)