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AL Junior Seminar – an evening with Ian Sterritt from the UKIPO

How should the UK Government support innovation and stimulate economic growth deriving from this innovation? The question is not new and has been examined in much depth by the Government – including five major reviews of intellectual property (IP) in the 21st century already. In 2011, the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth made 10 recommendations to ‘ensure that the UK has an IP framework best suited to supporting innovation and promoting economic growth in the digital age.’ More recently, the Industrial Strategy Green Paper sets out the Government’s vision for a modern industrial strategy.

The rich character of the UK arises perhaps from being, in almost every way, regionally distinct. This applies also to innovation and economic growth. So to help answer the question from a regional perspective, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) positioned its one of only two regional Policy Advisors, Ian Sterritt, at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse. This aligns directly with Government’s commitment outlined in the Industrial Strategy Green Paper.

With 30 years’ experience managing the commercialisation of new technology solutions within both established and fast-growing companies, Ian is ideally placed to understand how IP will fuel growth in this region. Ian is forging relationships with key partners, including the Business Growth Hub and Innovate UK, and their networks, to discover innovation drivers – as well as issues – in this North West region. With Media City only a Metrolink ride away, Ian highlighted the importance of creative and digital media to Manchester’s growth.

Ian’s discussion was stimulating – exploring the challenges ahead and enticing with the rewards policy change can deliver. We all have the opportunity to feed into Ian’s assessment – and hence form our policy for our future.

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