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eLucid mHealth Limited Benefits from Appleyard Lees Growth Fund

Elucid MHealth

Manchester Science Partnerships based company, eLucid mHealth Limited, has been awarded a grant from the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund, enabling them to protect their healthcare innovations.

The focus of the business is to develop software and intelligent devices for mobile phones to enable early diagnostic disease screening, chronic disease management and measure the effect of medication on patients.

The annual fund of £50,000 was established by the leading IP firm, which has offices in Manchester, Leeds, Halifax and the BioHub at Alderley Park. Grants from the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund are awarded on a case by case basis to individuals or organisations with winning ideas, a track record for innovation and a sound strategic approach.

Simon Bradbury, Head of Life Sciences at Appleyard Lees explains: “We are pleased to be supporting eLucid mHealth Limited by providing access to the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund so that they can develop their patent portfolio and attract further investment and help secure licensing deals. They are already in negotiations with a number of interested parties, including some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and are currently looking at developing a suite of technologies to make the dispensing of medicines safer and more beneficial to the patient.”

Graham Howieson, CEO of eLucid mHealth Limited comments: “We are thrilled to have secured vital support from the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund, and their highly experienced team of attorneys who have specialist knowledge in life sciences and chemistry. Our IP portfolio is ground breaking and the result of many years scientific research, and securing its protection is pivotal to the future success of our organisation.”