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Appleyard Lees relieves the pressure for compression sock designer

A medical doctor who has worn compression socks for most of his life has secured funding from Appleyard Lees Growth Fund to protect his innovative medical footwear.

Dr Bayat has designed a novel compression sock and in particular, he has redesigned the sole and the upper band of the compression sock, making the top band, non-constricting and reinforcing the sole with a 3D design in order it to target the key pressure points of the foot.

He was also becoming increasingly fed up with the lack of variety in the compression sock range, as current products are mostly made from synthetic fibres and come in a minimal colour range.

The result is an innovative new compression sock, made from luxury natural fibres, available in a range of colours, with a graduated compression sock that is non-constricting at the top, and with a sole that works the pressure points to provide a micro massage.

Dr Bayat said: “I used a pressure point map to assess the target pressure points on the sole of the foot. I noticed the ball of the foot is a key area of pressure so I designed the sole accordingly.

“My design uses natural fibres, comes in a range of colours and has a reinforced heel and toe with a sole that produces micro massage when the person walks. It is perfect for people who suffer from mild varicose veins, prone to DVT because of position, or posture at work or anyone, like me, who spends a lot of their time on their feet and travels long distance frequently.”

Realising that a product of this type did not exist, Dr Bayat approached senior associate, Terry Instone, at Appleyard Lees, a leading firm of patent and trade mark attorneys, to protect his intellectual property and file a patent application for the invention.

As well as offering assistance in creating and managing an intellectual property portfolio, IP experts at Appleyard Lees can guide their clients through the patent landscaping process and IP due diligence.

Terry Instone said: “The Growth Fund is designed to promote innovation and to help clients by offering our technical and legal expertise, at a discounted rate, to help them protect and nurture their intellectual property. Dr Bayat has a simple yet very effective design that will revolutionise compression socks.”

Dr Bayat added: “I found Appleyard Lees to be very professional and extremely responsive to my questions. Terry Instone made the whole process an enjoyable experience and I am delighted to have the patent application filed and we are ready to take the socks to market”.