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Appleyard Lees Growth Fund

A launchpad for your bright ideas

We are committed to providing clients with the technical and legal expertise to protect and nurture their intellectual property (IP). You bring the ideas and we’ll help you to turn them into a commercial reality.

In a climate where businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver a return on investment, we want to lend a helping hand.

Nurturing your development

To offer businesses vital support in their development, we launched the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund in 2012 which is an annual pot totalling £50,000. Organisations with winning ideas and a proven track record of innovation, backed by sound strategic approach, will be eligible for financial support from the fund.

So what makes you eligible?

Each case will be individually assessed by an Appleyard Lees Partner, and funds will be granted accordingly. All that we ask is that you agree to us publicising your success story for our website and in press releases/articles and our marketing material.

Encouraging innovation

Innovation is key to business success, and growing corporate assets is fundamental to growth. Appleyard Lees provides a range of services to encourage a healthy financial return from your R&D. These include assistance in the creation and management of your portfolio, risk assessment, patent landscaping and due diligence.

The value of a patent

Patents represent sound assets for organisations and provide an invaluable foundation in many commercial agreements. Investment in IP can give you a bundle of assets with business value. You can sell your IP. You can licence it for royalties. Banks may lend money secured against it. Investors like it.

A patent provides a monopoly right to safeguard your inventions and prevents other people and organisations from using the invention without your permission. Keeping an invention secret until an application is safely on file is essential, because a valid patent can only be obtained if the application was filed before the invention was made public. However, organisations often find themselves in the awkward position of having to talk to third parties about the invention to get it up and running. We can help you manage the disclosure of your invention, to put your mind at ease, while ensuring you retain control of your ideas and information.

The small print

Each case will be dealt with by an Appleyard Lees Partner and awards will be granted to projects which meet our criteria. The only requirement is that you provide your permission for us to use your case study as PR on our website, in our literature and/or in press releases circulated to a wider audience (for example, regional press, specialist trade press).

Awards for the fund will be made entirely at the discretion of Appleyard Lees and we reserve the right to refuse funding and/or withdraw funding without notice if the terms are not agreed to. No guarantee of funding is provided and therefore a refusal to provide funding cannot be challenged.

If you would like to learn more about the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund to see if you are eligible, please contact your usual Appleyard Lees advisor or email