Appleyard Lees

How We Work

The Appleyard Lees ethos is to add value to your business by always putting you first. We achieve that by securing and defending your intellectual property rights.

We strive to understand your industry so that we can place your rights in a commercial context. This allows us to advise from a perspective that is tailor-made to fit your IP and strengthens your position. The overall objective is always to ensure you retain a valuable edge over your competitors.

We have a highly dedicated and experienced team of attorneys who combine a broad range of legal and technological expertise with realworld commercial insight. We will always put the right attorneys behind your innovation, design or brand, to ensure you are in the strongest possible position. So, whether you have created a new chemical entity, electronic sensor or medical device or seek the best branding advice and protection, we have the right team for you.

But we’re not just experts at filing and prosecuting patent, trade mark and design applications throughout the world. We can also add value by working alongside you to develop your company’s IP strategy, negotiate licences, navigate complex patent landscapes, advising on mergers, acquisitions and tax efficient IP structures.

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